Truth About Trucking, LLC is a network of websites and social media interactions which shares valuable and relevant information among the trucking community. What started out as a resource for new CDL drivers in 2006, has grown into an information hub for many who desire to share their opinions, knowledge, information and quality products and services.

The Network is designed to attract like-minded people who believe that honesty and transparency are essential when building trust and relationships. These like-minded individuals, companies, groups, and associations are referred to as the “Circle of Trust” and include all who believe that integrity is key to success and betterment of the industry, following in our original slogan:
“Raising the standards of the trucking industry.”

Trucking Social Media Invitation to Contribute

For almost 10 years we ( Allen & Donna Smith) have been offering vital info to the trucking community. It has also been our goal to share vital information from others, continually expanding the valuable information hub from trusted sources. We have found that the best way to accomplish this is through the power of Social Media.

Since the first Trucking Social Media Convention was held in 2011, our goal has been 3 fold:

  • Create awareness to the issues facing the trucking industry
  • offer free resource links which benefit those within the industry
  • Promote those within the industry who offer QUALITY services, products, and messages.
    We Invite you to be a part of this vital Hub of Trusted Information
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Social Media Awareness Opportunities

Social Media Awareness Opportunities

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