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Truth About Trucking, LLC is a network of websites and social media interactions which shares valuable and relevant information among the trucking community. What started out as a resource for new CDL drivers in 2006, has grown into an information hub for many who desire to share their opinions, knowledge, information and quality products and services.

The Network is designed to attract like-minded people who believe that honesty and transparency are essential when building trust and relationships. These like-minded individuals, companies and corporations are referred to as the “Circle of Trust” and include all who believe that integrity is key to the success and betterment of the industry following in our original motto: “Raising the standards of the trucking industry.”

Truth About Trucking, LLC uses various Social Media platforms for our partners in order to enhance their Social Media presence and to be a positive alliance. It takes an investment of time, effort and financial resources to create significant awareness, including the ability to reach a level of trust and credibility which is essential within the world of Social Media.

Through our specialized Social Media Campaigns, Truth About Trucking, LLC can assist those wishing to enhance their Social Media presence through respected and trusted alliances, thereby ultimately reaching their desired goals.


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