Free Trucking School-The Fraud and Deception

Trucking School Fraud and Deception is alive and well in the trucking industry.
Craig Ackermann of Ackermann & Tilajef is well known throughout the trucking industry addressing much of the trucking industry deceptiveness, including Truck schools.

rucking School Fraud & Deception

Craig Ackermann- Addressing Trucking School Fraud & Deception









In this video, Craig explains why “Free CDL school isn’t always FREE” ,
He explains what happens if you don’t finish your contract with the “free CDL school training” company.  Many have a destroyed their dreams of being a truck driver by signing one of these Free trucking school contracts. Many have lost their credit, homes, and have even been blackballed, just by signing a “Free CDL school” contract.
Ackermann & Tilajef was a Diamond Sponsor and key note speaker of the 2018 Real Women In Trucking Cruise and continues to spread the truth and represent truckers in most areas of trucking law.








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