Truckers working more hours for less pay

Truckers working more hours for less pay

Does Increased Production = Increased Pay???

Pat Hockaday and Jerry Fritts of Truckers United give a detailed explanation, how over the years truckers have become slowly accustomed to accepting less pay while working more hours. The Result is  decreased “driver worth” and lower truck driver wages.

Listen to how the over abundance of trucks have caused freights to go down. Flooding the market with trucks( and drivers) all while claiming a truck driver shortage. It’s a scam folks.

Also discussed is the vast differences between LTL drivers and TL drivers, including turnover rates and truck driver wage rates…. All while performing the same work.

Below are 2 Radio shows on ASkTheTrucker “Live’ where Jerry and Pat have explained how truck drivers got to this point and what must be done to resolve the problems.

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