Trucking Advocacy Group NRMA hitches a 10-hour ride with a “truckie”

Trucking Advocacy Group NRMA hitches a 10-hour ride with a “truckie”


Rod Hannifey Truckie

Rod Hannifey with the truck being used as a mobile billboard to deliver the road safety

A video by Trucking Advocacy NRMA in Australia featuring Australian “Truckie” Rod Hannifey. Rod is a trucking advocate and activist and strives to help make the roads safer while trying to save lives.




National Roads & Motorists’ Association (NRMA)- Australia’s largest Member motorist association: Road Assist, Travel, Home Assist, Motoring Advice, HELP.

This video was aimed at educating the public about the job and responsibility of the truck driver.
It is a start and many of the feedback and comments have even reflected how those not related to trucking now understand a truckie’s  job a bit more. The video has been watched mostly by those who drive automobiles in Australia where it has been difficult to relay this vital information to them.

This is a 10-hour ride with a truckie from Melbourne to Dubbo and got an eye-opening view of the dangers that await motorists these school holidays, along with some potentially life-saving advice on how to stay safe

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NRMA believes that efficient roads, public transport and better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians, work hand in hand to solve the many transport problems that we face each day.

NRMA advocacy focuses on three key areas: