Truck Parking: A message to North Bend, Washington Mayor Ken Hearing

Truck Parking: A message to North Bend, Washington Mayor Ken Hearing by driver Janet Medlock

janet Medlock

In regards to North Bend, Washington Truck parking banned.

Chapter 10.06

“No person shall park a truck, truck tractor, semitrailer, or combination thereof over 25,999 pounds gross vehicle weight and/or 96 inches in width on any of the following streets or within any of the following zones, except for any such vehicle parked in connection with any permitted construction, while loading or unloading goods or services, or during any emergency event when the state has closed Interstate 90….read more

North Bend,Washington was built on Logging and Serving Truckers, the military convoys and the General Public who cross the Snowqualmie Mountain Pass. The citizens and majority of North Bend are all truck loving people who understand the needs of our truckers. It is the mayor, Ken Hearing and the the “new blood” of the North Bend city council who desire to shut down the ability to keep and expand the badly needed truck parking for professional drivers in this area of the country.

This video is a message from Truck Driver Janet Medlock of Real Women in Trucking. She responds to North Bend, Washington Mayor Ken Hearing regarding his remarks on truck parking in order to educate him on the reality of storage space availability inside the cab of a truck.

The mayor of North Bend however along the “new blood” who sit on the city council want to erase the city’s truck loving history and want North Bend to become a “premier outdoor destination”. Trucks do not fit into their “vision”. They also want replace the current stop and neighboring land with an office complex.

The truck stop dates back to the 40’s and was moved out of North Bend proper (4 miles out of town) in the 70’s.. There it sat on “king county” land. Several years ago someone had the brilliant idea to build a housing development just west of the truck stop, and of course a school too.
Then, the city convinced the residents to be annexed into city limits with the promise of sewer. The annexation went through and now the Mayor wants the truck stop eliminated and asked the land owners who lease the land to TA to not renew their lease in 2018.

Conquering Snoqualmie Pass

Conquering Snoqualmie Pass

Article written in 2007 Conquering Snoqualmie Pass – As the population grows in this country, it has become more difficult just to find a parking space. Tired and weary, a driver looks for a place to stop and take a much needed break. Signs everywhere read : “No Semi’s Allowed,” and “No Truck Parking.” The trucking life is rough…little rest with little respect. Read more

The city passed an ordinance banning All truck parking and service centers within the city limits, other than the existing Truck stop. The ordinance would include banning truck parking from its streets and prohibiting any new truck service centers or expansion of the existing truck stop, a move state officials say could exacerbate a regional problem.  Read more here

The way the ordinance is written, once its gone, its gone along with the only 175 parking spaces within 75 miles at the base of a mountain pass that closes on a regular basis. As it is capacity is full daily and the trucks stacked up along the interstate with no services.

As a TRUCK LOVING small community with deep roots in logging and trucking, the reactions of Mayor Ken Hearing infuriates 90% of the North Bend citizens. There is room to expand and that’s what the community wants, however with the new ordinance expansion is no longer an option. The 10% against are the people who bought the houses by the truck stop. I guess they didn’t see it?