Vicki Simons.-What are the top issues at stake with the Denham amendment and Fisher amendment to the bills regarding trucker wages? In my opinion, these Anti-Trucker Wage Preemption Amendments are flawed in 3 ways.

Here’s the first way these amendments are flawed. Every professional truck driver in the USA must work in accordance with the federal Hours of Service regulation. The regulations have changed over the years for the singular reason that people need truckers to be rested and not fatigued when they drive their trucks.

If the Denham and/or Fisher amendments stand and become part of law, then the state regulations that allow truckers to take needed breaks will vanish. It will basically put additional pressure on truckers to drive when it may be better for them to stop and rest.

Second, if the Denham and/or Fisher amendments go through, then states’ rights have just been squashed. According to one article, “At least 20 states … have their own meal and rest break laws that would be impacted” if Congress overrides states’ work rules through this legislation. The Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution reads: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” If individual states believe that it is in the truckers’ and the motoring public’s best interest for truckers to have rest breaks — and be paid for them — that is their right. The federal government must never be allowed to override states’ rights. Not now, not ever.

Third, the Denham and/or Fisher amendments would start the process of federalizing trucker wages. Once truckers’ wages are federalized, this matter will almost certainly never be reversed. Truckers deserve to be paid for ALL of the time that they are working and responsible for their trucks and loads. SAY NO TO Anti-Trucker Wage Preemption Amendment, which may be in the FAA bill or the THUD bill.

I urge you to call your lawmakers today and say something like this: “As a trucker, I’m against the Denham amendment and the Fisher amendment to any legislation such as the FAA bill or THUD bill, which will nullify state laws that require trucking companies to pay for rest breaks, detention time, and all time working. These amendments work against truckers to be paid for all time worked and are also anti-state’s rights and anti-safety.”

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Just Say No to Anti-Trucker Wage Preemption Amendments