GATS 2017 Part 1 Ask a Lawyer for Truck Drivers – Lawyer Introductions

Held in Dallas, Texas August 2017 during the Great American Truck Show , This video is Part 1 – Lawyer Introductions at the ” Ask a Lawyer – Q & A Session Event sponsored by Ackermann & Tilajef P.A.

REAL Women in Trucking, Inc. (RWIT) participated in its first trade show, the Great American Trucking Show, held August 24 – 26 in Dallas, Texas. RWIT is a grassroots, driver-led 501 (c) 6 trade organization formed by seasoned female commercial motor vehicle drivers, providing information and resources for fellow drivers, prospective CDL students, trucking executives and the non-trucking community to increase safety on the roadways.

The session was held at 10 a.m. on Friday, August 25 and was moderated by Desire Wood,Founder and President of RWIT. Expert attorneys on hand will include Paul Taylor and Peter Lavoie from Minnesota-based Truckers Justice Centerr and Steve Arenson from the New York City-based Arenson, Dittmar & Karman firm. They will address driver inquiries on a variety of topics, including sexual harassment, employment labor, lease violations, DAC reporters, misclassified drivers, and more.

Special thank to James “Tex” Crowley of Texomatic Pictures LLC for recording the event.
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