Lease to own your own truck without being taken for all you have

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Lone Mountain Truck Leasing (LMTL) offers a simple Lease to Own program. It includes a down payment, monthly payment,and once you make the final payment the truck is YOURS. You get the TITLE.

There are no bubble payments, No buy outs, and no Balloon Payments.
There is no Interest and No Hidden Fees.

All trucks get a thorough inspection and are serviced and detailed. You also have the option to bring it to another shop.

  • How is Lone Mountain Truck Leasing different than Carrier Lease Programs? 
    They are designed for you to SUCCEED.  Carrier Lease programs are designed for drivers to FAIL.

    The Carrier Lease programs target drivers who either have little experience or no money down.  They make their leases complicated and confusing and have a high failure rate.  This is how Carriers make money leasing trucks, they churn them from one failed driver to the next.
    LMTL has a high success rate.Unlike Carriers, LMTL has requirements before they will lease a truck driver a truck.  WHY? To make sure you are successful.
  • Driver Requirements:
    1 One time Credit Check ( Your credit score does not dictate your down payment. Down payments are based on truck, not the driver.
    2 Will ask you your knowledge and plan for the trucking industry.
    3 Finally, there are no Carrier restrictions, You can drive for whoever you want to.

Call these guys at LMTL!  Don’t be another victim of the Carrier Lease Scam.  866-512-5685