Trucking industry offers trivial pay raises to drivers

Truck driver wages

Trucking Industry Brainwashing Every Trucker Should Know About

Dave  from Smart Trucking talks about the trucking industry making attempts to brainwash the truck driver community into thinking pay raises are forthcoming by most carriers in the near future. What the carriers are offering in trucker pay raises are mere pennies/mile, which in the end, results in very little net earnings increase. The fact is the Trucking industry offers trivial pay raises to drivers

Pay in and around 1980 was around $37,000/year. With proper cost of living index, around 2 – 4% yr, trucker wages are not even close to what they should be.  Be very aware of the ‘ads’ in various trucking industry publications. Promises of sign on bonuses, higher mileage rates?

Hmmm…. think again. Are these REALLY higher wages? These offers do not even come close to what they should be. Carriers have a long way to go to be at the rate of pay that is a fair wage for truck drivers.

Dave does talk about a carrier in the province of Quebec, a long haul flatbed company who has started to pay their drivers by the hour when driving (a set wage) and a lesser wage, when stopped or tarping. If this carrier can do it, more can do it. They are just not willing to do it, so it does not cut into their profits.