Allowing Federal Authority language in government bills is TRUCKER wage theft

Dave at Smart Trucking created this video in 2017 when anti trucker wage provision language was going to be introduced in the THUD bill and FAA bill.  Now the 2018 Trucker Wage Theft Provision language is most likely to be added to the January 2018 Spending Bill and/or Infrastructure bill.  Call your reps and tell them NO to the Federal Authority language which will over ride states rights to pay drivers for all time.  202-224-3121

In this 2017 video,Dave discusses the Denham Language being shoved into Transportation Bills. If this ‘Denham Language’ does find it’s way into a Transportation bill regarding truck driver pay, drivers will never be paid fairly…. it will mean no hourly pay for waiting time, or extra work and never for resets. Truck Companies in the Southern U.S. states are being dragged to court over unpaid wages for truckers, and loosing the battle, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Watch this video to understand this criminal act by the ATA and trucking companies.

Call Your Reps-Government Switchboard
SAY NO TO 2018 Federal Authority Spending bills and/or infrastructure bills with Anti-Trucker Wages Preemption Provisions 202-224-3121

Stop Trucking Industry Wage Theft -Say No to Federal Preemption Anti-Trucker Wage Amendments