ATA lobbied to have anti-trucker wage preemption language in 2018 omnibus spending bill

Desiree Wood- OmnibusDesiree Wood of RealWomenInTrucking explains the danger for truckers if Preemption provisions are allowed in spending bills such as the omnibus spending bill of march 2018.

You’ve probably heard a lot since 2015 about the Federal Preemption of States Labor Laws and still don’t know what exactly it’s all about. That’s no Coincidence either, that’s exactly the way the ATA wants it! They have done a great job disguising anti-trucker wage language as “Meal and Rest Break” provisions.

Using fear mongering as a tactic to confuse drivers, telling them that there are states which are forcing them to stop every few hours, and that they, the wonderful ATA, is looking out for drivers, because ATA is the voice of the trucking industry.  Yes, there are states which allow for meal and rest breaks.  But here’s what the ATA doesn’t tell you is that you can waive these breaks and keep driving, HOWEVER, your company still have to pay you for them.  In addition, these same states do not tolerate drivers waiting for hours and hours without pay at loading docks.  They enforce their state labor laws which state that employers have to pay these drivers for all their time

If this Preemption Language is included in Omnibus, all those who were in favor of ELD’s because they felt their hours waiting at docks would now be recorded and that they could be paid for them…. GOES OUT the WINDOW. There is NO TIME left drivers. Voting is March 23rd.

Call your Senators and Congressman and tell them NO to the Federal Authority Preemption Language in the OMNIBUS spending package, which over rides states rights to pay drivers for all time. It’s not about “Meal and Rest Breaks” It’s about your time and wages! 202-224-3121

Here is a link to every U.S. senator email and phone #

Here is a link to every U.S.Representative


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