The Denham Amendment- The Final nail in the Trucker Wage Coffin

Drivers unite as two year battle against truckers reaches Senate

The War on Truckers, States’ Rights, and American wages

The fight continues towards one of the most heated debates in trucking, the addition of the anti-trucker wage amendment known as the Denham Amendment. ATA has lobbied hard supporting the Denham Amendment. Truckers and their supporters are against it. The most recent attempt to have this anti-trucker amendment included into law is to be voted on in the Final FAA Reauthorization bill. The HOUSE Passed Denham Amendment in THEIR version of the bill. It’s NOW up to Drivers to Call their Senators to VOTE NO and Kill the Denham Amendment in the Final FAA Version of the bill Senators LINK…

The ATA goal is for Federal Law so motor carriers will only have to legally pay drivers for their miles driven, no matter how many hours they work. Start calling your Senators now and tell them to vote NO on the Denham Amendment within the H.R. 4 Let’s defeat the Denham Amendment in the Senate and in the final 2018 FAA Reauthorization Bill.

The War on Truckers, States’ Rights, and American wages