Make It Happen USA- Meet American Heroes Saving Lives

Make It Happen USA– Meet American Heroes Saving Lives

Make It Happen USA

The primary goal is simple…get more donors on the stem-cell/bone marrow registry and have the opportunity to save a life from blood cancers such as Leukemia. Make Happen USA

What does it take to be a Donor?  A simple swabbing of your mouth! Swab your mouth and save a life. Fill out the form on the website and they will mail you a swab. This is how heroes are born such as you will see in the video.

Christina Schnese Make It Happen

Make IT Happen USA was founded by Christina Schnese, a recipient of a stem cell transplant.  Christina is of mixed heritage,  Half caucasian and half hispanic she learned that there would be a slim chances of finding a match because of the desperate need for minority and ethnic donors.

While Make It Happen USA works to add as many donors to the stem-cell/bone marrow registry as possible, we are working hard to bring awareness to adding more minority candidates to this list.   With the diversity of patients looking for donor matches, it is important to increase the list of potential matches, especially in our ethnically  diverse populations.

Make IT Happen USA also provides support to blood and bone marrow transplant patients and their families.

Along with her husband, Ryan Urbanski, they are working to boost historically low minority registrations which will enable more people to give and receive life saving transplants.

Please join their cause, by becoming a donor, or donating your resources. Please donate either way and be a hero.

 It’s time to Make it Happen USA!!!