Eliminating “Cheap Freight” with the Xypper App!

Over 450,000 Live Loads!

A FREE App that levels the playing field between large carriers and owner operators
iphone Xypper App
Android Xypper App

One of the most upsetting terms an owner operator/independent will hear is, “Back Haul”  It Usually means… CHEAP FREIGHT!   The Revolutionary Xypper App technology is designed to find Truckers loads and eliminating the term “back haul”!  Have your loads sent to you and stop searching! Don’t be in a  position to accept cheap freight.

Read the list of other benefits,  making a truckers life easier and more profitable.

1) Stop searching for loads- Be notified via smart phone instead
2) Subscribers to Xypper are matched according to; truck type, location, route, availability, available capacity.
3) Real time load matches sent to your phone
4) Instant load matching availability from the time the load is posted to YOUR phone
5) Reduce Down Time- Always stay Loaded- Increase Revenue
6) Reduce paperwork!! Xypper generates paperwork and sends it to your email
7) Real Time order tracking capability to your customer
8) FREE 2 week trial

Don’t waste time waiting and searching for loads! Be notified directly and immediately when loads are available matching ALL your requirements and criteria

iphone Xypper App
Android Xypper App


  • Access to USA, Canada & Mexico
  • Smart Device App
  • Continuous Live Auto Posting
  • Auto update Available Space
  • Lane Posting
  • Private Messaging Alerts
  • Automated Invoicing(CRM)
  • On Route Matching




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