HaulHound digital freight matching at MATS 2017

HaulHound digital freight matching at MATS 2017 The HaulHound team -debuting their new digital freight matching app and factoring partnership at MATS 2017.

HaulHound continuously works to improve their APP based on user testing that we do with real drivers like you. When you see them at trade shows, they are the only booth that has a section dedicated for driver testing of our current and future features

HaulHound, Digital Brokerages & the Future of Free Freight

HaulHound was started because – as a 3rd generation owner operator –the owner knew there had to be a better way to get backhaul loads and earn money. “I didn’t need another thing to pay for and I was tired of having a cut of my money being taken out by someone else or some supposed “free tech” that turned out to be just a digital broker paying me a lot less than they were collecting for my work.”  So he created the first version of HaulHound for drivers to be able to freely post their capacity, specs, and minimum rate to HaulHound’s truck search engine in order for shippers to compete for driver capacity and to keep low-ball offers from blowing up our phones.