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Looking for free freight options? Get freight fast and without hassle using the HaulHound Reverse  loadboard -free digital freight matching app. Watch the video & learn how to use HaulHounds’s  free ‘reverse loadboard’ app
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By now you’ve probably heard that “uber-like” 3PLs are trying to revolutionize the trucking industry through the uberization of load matching services. However, the companies that truly understand the complexities of logistics, such as HaulHound, are more likely to call their new technology digital freight matching (DFM) or digital truck matching (DTM).

How uberization improves logistics for shippers and truck drivers

With giants like Amazon looking to enter the logistics market, uber-like 3PL companies are rushing to get truckers on their rolls. This means more and more features are being released that serve your needs as a trucker.

For example, uber-like 3PL systems allow truckers to get paid faster with “quick pay” programs. The 3PL fronts truckers the money rather than having truckers wait on the shipper to send a check. With their advanced mapping and tracking software, these new-and-improved 3PLs also keep truckers’ needs in mind by helping reduce deadhead.
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