Jason’s Law hits National Radio on NPR

Desiree_Sandi_Donna GATS 2015

Sandi Talbott and Desiree Wood of Real Women In Trucking and Donna Smith of Trucking Social Media at GATS 2015

Desiree Wood of Real Women in Trucking was invited to interview with NPR partner “Here and Now” to discuss Jason’s Law, the Department of Transportation’s Truck Parking Survey, and the creation of the National Truck Parking Coalition. Hope RIvenburg, crusader of Jason’s Law, had also been invited on the radio show but had a prior commitment.

This video was recorded by Donna Smith of Trucking Social Media  in Dallas, Texas during the Great American Trucking Show event,  “Party Gras.” The event was hosted by Randall Reilly and the National Association of Independent Truckers.

Ms. Wood had received the NPR invitation just a few hours prior to this video and discusses the importance of this much needed national exposure for Jason’s Law, the DOT truck parking survey, and the newly formed National Coalition on Truck Parking,
NPR interview