Jason’s Law- You’ve come a long way “baby”

The video you are about to watch is from the 2011 Truck Driver Social Media Convention when Hope Rivenburg won the “Making a Difference Award” in trucking for her work and intense lobbying for the bill “Jason’s Law” , to provide Truckers with more safe truck parking.

Listen to Allen Smith in about 2:00 minutes into the video as he states how the transportation Industry did not take the Truck Parking Crisis Seriously… at first. ( And the general public was oblivious)
That was 4 years ago and a lot has happened in 4 years, as the young mother of 3 has relentlessly kept the fire burning.
In 2012, Jason’s Law, a bill to provide more safe truck parking was included in the Transportation Bill, Map-21.  Also, DOT was ordered to conduct a Federal Truck Parking Survey which was finally released on August 21, 2015 along with the creation of the National Coalition on Truck Parking, designed to pledge and take action to resolve the dangers of inadequate and unsafe truck parking.

And guess what?  The General Public is even becoming aware. Parking Shortage hits the Mainstream”

Lack Of Truck Parking A ‘National Safety Concern’

READ MORE about the Victory for Hope Rivenburg and Jason’s Law and the Timeline of Events which has taken us to this place.  “Truckers’ Lives Matter”