Jerry Fritts- Correlation between low wages and poor health

This impassioned and insightful video was taken at the Great American Trucking Show ( GATS) 2015 by Pat Hockaday of The speaker is Jerry Fritz, veteran driver of over 40 years, most of them as an owner operator.  Jerry has over 4 million safe miles.

Mr Fritz give an ardent presentation as he speaks about the tolls that trucking takes on a truck drivers’ health. He quotes industry documented stats about the poor health and decreased life expectancy of the professional driver.

Jerry goes on to discuss driver wages, how the professional driver is the only profession to work an extra 30-40 hours/week and not get paid. Instead, drivers are always trying to work more hours, just to make the same living as working a 60 hour work week, which was the norm before deregulation.

The term “Trucking is a Lifestyle” is an industry excuse for “trying to work people to death”
~Jerry Fritz~

Truckers’ call for higher wages gains momentum