Life Coach Service at GATS 2016

Carolyn O'Byrne

Carolyn O’Byrne of

Carolyn O’Byrne, Life Coach, colon hydro-therapist, and author of “Gut Instinct”, addresses those attending GATS 2016 in Dallas, Texas.
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In this video Carolyn is speaking at the Health Pavilion at The Great American Truck Show on the importance of Truck Driver overall health.

Watch as she gives vital information and valuable tips so you can start today on the road for better health.


Carolyn O’Byrne, CHT, author of Gut Instinct, is a colon hydro-therapist, life coach and wife of a truck driver. In the heart of the trucking industry, she directs her passion and knowledge towards drivers and their families by life coaching. She wants to reach even more people by using this book as another way to help others who are desiring progressive change in their lives.  She is there to show them how to transform their future and to direct them to success, to health and to a positive outlook on life.

Gut Instinct by Carolyne O'byrneGUT Instinct, Transform Your Life and Health with the Power of Your Gut

Get ready for no gimmicks, no pills, no shakes, and no miracles.  Gut Instinct is going to inform you of some plain old simple methods that work by design, introducing overall health that begins in the gut.

Throughout her years of interest in true health and wellness, she has studied and applied to her own life these many different modalities.  Her insight has also enabled her to help numerous others on their journey to health through her business, Life Coach Service, LLC.  Her mission is to steer those who want results in the direction of good health, both emotionally and physically, in a confidential setting.