PENRAY introduces POW-R 365® 5 in 1 Diesel Cleaner and Treatment

Diesel fuels and diesel engines have changed significantly in recent years with some undesirable side-effects. This is especially true with ULSD and various blends of bio-fuels. Fleets, owner-operators, and others in the heavy-duty arena are well aware of these issues; new-generation fuel injectors with smaller orifices can clog easier, development of deposits can compromise lubricity and restrict fuel flow, and fuel gelling in cold weather.


Penray, a long-time supplier of fuel additives and cooling system products for the heavy-duty market, recently introduced a year-round product that addresses all of these issues. Penray POW-R 365® 5 in 1 Diesel Cleaner and Treatment cleans injectors improving fuel economy, enhances lubricity to prevent wear, prevents corrosion protecting engine components, lifts cetane for improved power/starts, and reduces CFPP to prevent gelling in cold climates.