PTAG speaks out against ELD final rule

ELD Final Rule – Ernesto Guitierrrez of the Professional Truckers Association Group ( PTAG) speaks out about the injustice and dangers of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) final rule which will be enforced in December of 2017.  The ELD is a device which enforces the Hours of Service rule, who many regard as a safety hazard because it encourages Professional OTR truck  drivers to “race” against a 14 hour clock in order to meet the demands of their employer, as well as acquire enough miles to maintain a living wage.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently announced that certain truck operators will be required to use an ELD in the soon to be recorded final Federal Rule. The rule will be enforced two years after the rule is published this Friday December 16, 2015, which will be enforced Dec. 16, 2017,
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