What you receive if a Whistleblower case is won

“What you receive if a Whistleblower case is won”

Part 3 Paul Taylor of TruckersJusticCenter provides examples of what you can win under the truck driver whistleblower act (STAA) if you can prove your protected activity  is connected to retaliation.

If you win it is mandatory that your employer offer you your job back, even if you do not want it.  They will also have to pay you back pay from the time you were fired.
If any negative comments are placed on your DAC report, they must remove them also.

Drivers may also be awarded Compensatory damages, which can include mental pain and emotional distress.

There may also be punitive damage awards, which are meant to punish the employer and deter them from any future violations toward other employees.

Finally, if you win, your employer will be ordered to pay your legal fees.

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