Safe Haven Truck Parking -Shippers receivers step up

This video, Safe Haven Truck Parking -Shippers receivers step up- demonstrates how the Truck Parking Shortage is being addressed by carriers and shippers working together, acknowledging the safety concerns of professional drivers and our nations highways.

truck parking crisis

Truck Parking Shortage is not just an inconvenience, it’s a safety hazard.  When truck drivers have driven for 11 hours and legally have to shut down, it is mandatory they find a safe place to park, not just because it is THE LAW, but because it is unsafe to drive tired.  Truck parking crisis exposed

As drivers struggle to be compliant to the Hours of Service Rules, many times their hours run out before they find safe parking. The reason for this is that not only is there a lack of parking, many times the parking that is available is full by early afternoon, causing drivers to park in dangerous abandoned lots, highway exit ramps, shoulders, shopping plazas….. etc.

What the General Public needs to know about Highway Safety, Truck Driver Fatigue, and Truck parking

A HUGE problem in the industry are the shippers and receivers who will not allow drivers to park on their property if they either arrive early to deliver or if they run out of hours while waiting to unload. Read more how NetworkFOB feels about how some shippers and receivers are not addressing the safety needs of professional drivers.

Tim Taylor and NetworkFOB lead the way in support for Jason’s Law and Trucker Safety

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Unfortunately some have been fatally wounded or injured because of this. Here is a replay of the show about 2 drivers who were shot and killed because they were not allowed to park while waiting.  Truck Parking Shortage: Drivers at Risk

Also, every driver can tell you that it is not uncommon for a driver to arrive on time at a location to deliver and be detained for HOURS waiting, usually times without pay ( detention time pay). This not only eats up their clock to earn money ( drivers are only paid by the hours they drive) but it also eats up the hours they may LEGALLY drive or work.( the 14 hour clock ( 11 hours driving/ 14 hours working/ 10 hour break)

There is a need for Shippers and Carriers to work together to acknowledge and address the truck parking shortage,. It only makes sense that those who are direct players affecting  within the transportation and trucking industry take a serious look at the parking shortage problem and help create a safe haven for professional drivers.

Here is a case where the carrier and shippers/receivers have taken a step to help relieve the truck parking shortage.
The carrier cared enough about their drivers and the shipper/receiver cared enough about their customer.

A truck parking pilot between Unilever, a shipper/receiver, and Kriska, a carrier, was used as a case study. 

Dubbed the “Safe Haven” project, Kriska had an hours-of-service issue delivering to Unilever. Based in Canada, a driver would run out of hours about 30 minutes outside Unilever’s Newville Pennsylvania facility. The next day began with a 30-minute drive to the facility plus loading time, creating further issues with HOS on the way back.

When asked by Unilever what it can do for Kriska, the carrier had one answer: parking. Unilever created two parking spaces for Kriska at the facility. Both companies walked away pleased with the results. Since then, Unilever has created six parking spaces at the location and expanded the program to other locations.

We hope that more shippers/ receivers as well as carriers will step up! Hopefully they will be an active part of the National Truck Parking Coalition,helping with the severe truck parking shortage which is hindering driver and highway safety.
National Coalition on Truck Parking showing signs of productivity