Stop Trucking Industry Wage Theft -Say No to Federal Preemption Anti-Trucker Wage Amendments

Allen Smith Anti-Trucker wage language in 2 bills to ensure cheap labor and high profits

If the amendments, provisions, or language that has been introduced into the THUD or FAA bills are allowed to remain, the results  will drastically result in truckers’ inability to be paid for all their time working. ( detention time, paper work, and all non driving time working) To summarize:Federal Preemption Anti-Trucker Wage Amendments means Motor Carriers would legally not be obligated to pay drivers anything other than miles driven. Period.

The bills are hidden behind words such as: Meal and Rest Breaks, Federal Preemption, F4A

Call Your Reps-Government Switchboard
SAY NO TO FAA & THUD bills with Anti-Trucker Wages Preemption Amendment  Denham language 202-224-3121

Here is a link to every U.S. senator email and phone #

Here is a link to every U.S.Representative
Or you can just call the U.S. Switchboard. 202-224-3121

The ATA’s primary goal is to keep YOU running hard, as many hours as you can, because they know that right now, most of you only earn while the wheels are rolling.  PIECE WORK WAGES

The Trucking Industry has lobbied HARD and wants Congress to preempt State Labor Laws. These state laws are laws which protect truckers from being exploited. The industry is feeling the pressure  to pay drivers for all their time, ( such as detention time.)
By inserting these anti-trucker provisions in the FAA bill and THUD bill, it would ensure drivers will never be entitled to anything more than their piece work wages.  Voting is SOON!! There is only a few days to call your Reps Say NO! to these amendments in the FAA and THUD bills. 202-224-3121