The XYPPER Challenge sends loads to owner operators

Taking the Xypper Challenge-Increasing the bottom line for Owner Operators

XYpper Challenge

Why should Owner Operators take the Xypper Challenge?
Efficiency and Higher Profits is the Goal of Xypper for Owner Operators

Xypper’s mission is ultimately to help Owner Operators as much as possible and not flood them with” just another system or loadboard”. It’s a a smartphone-app- and web-based system optimized for independent owner-operators

Xypper believes that their Virtual Dispatch System will give OO’s the competitive advantage by being more efficient, offer high paying loads, and increasing their bottom line.

Xypper is a true virtual dispatch system (VDS). VDS is a multifunction application among its many functions, finding your load and presenting that load without prompting to your device.

Again, VDS is like having your own dispatcher at your fingertips for $25/month.