Truck Driver Issues 2016-Part 1

@016 Driver Issues Part 1

2016 Driver Issues Part 1

As we move into 2016, professional drivers are faced with many concerns, many are the same issues as the past; wages, regulations, truck parking, safety…. however, it appears this year has created more of a sense of urgency among drivers.

Driver Advocates Pat Hockaday of and Ernesto Gutierrez Jr. of Professional Truckers Association Group (PTAG), are among those who are responding to this sense of urgency and have started 2016 off with a series of  YouTUbe videos

The Social Media buzz is responsible for much of this new awareness and interaction campaign, including the ability to share thoughts, dialogue, and ideas among drivers. Sharing video ideas (such as Truck Driver Issues 2016-Part 1) and vital information has become increasingly popular when attempting to expand Trucker Voices throughout the millions within the driver population..

Among the most crucial of all Truck Driver Issues is Wages.  To put it bluntly, drivers have not received an increase in in wages on over 20 years, and yet the economy continues to struggle and the cost of living continues to go through the roof.
Low wages for company drivers also keeps profits low for Owner Operators as the freight rates remain competitive and low.

The question about the recent FMCSA final rule and enforcement of ELD’s remains to be an intertwining and controversial topic, both for how they affect driver safety and how ELD’s  affect wages.

Pat Hockaday of Truckers United on Facebook, recently told us this about ELD’s.

” ELDS’s do not create safety as long as drivers are paid piece work. Through driver pay, carriers use ELD’s to manage (control) their drivers.”