Unspeakable topics among truckers come to light

Real Women In Trucking presented (RWIT) at GATS ( Great American Trucking Show), discussing the trucker issues and obstacles within the industry finally coming to light.
RWIT introduced during their event–  Women Silenced in Trucking Speaking Out and how to Learn Their Legal Rights.

Craig Ackermann- Hot Legal Topics

Craig Ackermann-Cheryl Bean-Desiree Wood-Donna Smith-Allen Smith-Idella Hansen at “Hot Legal Topics” at GATS 2018

The REAL Women in Trucking organization hosted a Free Ice Cream Social during this event which was called “Hot Legal Topics for Truck Drivers” event that will feature three top lawyers that fight for the rights of drivers. Craig Ackermann, Esq. , Joshua Friedman, Esq. , and Paul Taylor, Esq.

Topics discussed:
Unpaid Work Time:
Detention, Meal and Rest Break Legislation and Litigation
Missclassification of Truck Drivers
Trucking School Fraud
Sexual Harassment and Discrimination
Truck Driver Whistleblower STAA
Refusal to Drive Protections & Remedies


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