URGENT! Stop new Laws from preventing truckers to be paid for all time working

 Desiree Wood – URGENT! Stop new Laws from preventing truckers to be paid for all time working

Call Your Reps-Government Switchboard
SAY NO TO FAA & THUD bills with Anti-Trucker Wages Preemption Amendment  Denham language 202-224-3121

Here is a link to every U.S. senator email and phone #  https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/senators_cfm.cfm

Here is a
link to every U.S.Representative   https://www.house.gov/representatives/
Or you can just call the U.S. Switchboard. 202-224-3121

Trucking industry lobbyists (including ATA) have stated openly that their main goal is  , to pass legislation which would negatively affect driver wages by preempting State Labor laws. This new legislation is the FAA bill and the THUD bill with included “Denham Language” (Such as Denham Amendment of 2015 which failed). The language would create more Federal law that would prevent drivers from ever being paid for all working time. (Detention, waiting, paperwork, etc…)
Say NO to Additional Federal Law to Preempt State Labor Laws negatively  affecting truck driver wages.

The Denham Amendment introduced by Representative Jeff Denham from Turlock, California, has introduced legislation which could substantially reduce the amount truckers are or will be compensated in the future, for ALL their work , including waiting, detention time, paper work, etc.. and would also eliminate their right to take breaks under the laws provided by their state.

Trucking companies have been  battling in the courts for years in states such as California and losing these issues. The trucking industry is now trying to sneak in a provision eliminating your rights in a larger transportation bill in hopes that the provision will go unnoticed.

The language in this bill would directly hinder the ability of drivers who are paid on a piece rate basis to receive the full wages they deserve for a hard day’s work.

The Denham Amendment is  a law which would prevent Drivers from EVER enacting any type of supplementary pay system, such as getting paid for ALL work

In the words of our friend Pat Hockaday of TruckersUnited.org
“Drivers, it appears to me that we are under attack and it is time for US to start working together. “

First thing for YOU to do is to contact your legislatures. You may call the US capitol switchboard to do so, 202-224-3121